ABUS offer the best and safest helmets on the market, whilst also maintaining comfort on all their helmets, whether that be for babies and children, or for high-end sports helmets. An ABUS helmet is essential for everyday bike use as it helps to reduce the risk of head injuries significantly in the event of an accident.

Tannus Armour Tyre Inserts offer puncture and rim protection for all types of riding, meaning even if you ride over a nail, glass or any other sharp object, you won't get a flat so you can keep riding. Not only this, but they can absorb vibrations meaning a more comfortable ride.

Cycle Care

Whether you're looking for a new set of grips for your e-Bike or Tannus Armour to protect your tyres, we can help. We offer a large selection of accessories, perfect for looking after your e-Bike, meaning...


The current range of ABUS helmets are characterised by high-quality materials, the latest production processes and professional design. From helmets for babies and children, through city helmets...


Whether you want to secure your bike against theft, protect your head in a fall with a bike helmet or simply transport a few items without damaging them. ABUS provides the right solution for all these...

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