Riese & Muller Multicharger GT vario 750


Part Nos. F00800-CUR


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+ £0.00
Purion The Bosch Purion Display provides a sleek, easy to read display with convenient thumb control. (As standard)
+ £140.00
SmartphoneHub Cockpit The Bosch SmartphoneHub and free app
+ £280.00
Nyon Cockpit The Bosch Nyon Display Upgrade


+ £0.00
625 wh Battery (as standard)
+ £932.00
1125 Wh Battery Upgrade to a 1125 Wh dual battery


+ £47.00
Additional Chain 130cm For Lock Add an additional 130cm chain to the included Abus frame lock


+ £0.00
Front Carrier (as standard)
+ £47.00
Cargo front carrier Add a larger cargo area on the front.
+ £66.00
Front carrier with bag Add a bag to your front carrier


+ £159.00
Passenger Kit Add a handlebar, footrests and a padded shelf for a passenger.


+ £47.00
GX Option Like riding your e-Bike off-road?


+ £149.00
Cargo Bags Add two 33 litre cargo bags.


+ £299.00
Safety Bar Kit Keep your child passengers in place with the safety bar


+ £140.00
Armour Tire Inserts Add Puncture and Rim Protection to both tyres
Price includes installation by e-Bike Barn.
+ £199.99
GPS Tracker for E-Bikes BikeTrax: Anti-Theft Protection for E-Bikes.
Price includes installation by e-Bike Barn.

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Product detail

The Multicharger GT vario 750

The Multicharger. For everyday adventures.

A day trip to the mountains or a few days camping at the lake? No matter what adventure awaits you, the Multicharger will take everyone and everything with you. Passengers young and old will find their spot. And the best thing is: it handles with the agility of a normal E-Bike, while boasting top-of-the-line safety. It leaves a lasting impression with its off-road appearance. Bring on the adventure.

Packster 70 Automatic GX Option Child seat with cover
| Multicharger GT vario 750 | utility grey/curry matt |

High Quality Integrated Lights

Image Coming Soon

Supernova Logo

Supernova mini 2

  • Lumen: 235 lm

  • Lens type: Terraflux3

  • Warranty: 5 years

In the latest generation of this incredibly compact E-Bike front light, Supernova have introduced the new Terraflux 3 lens. In combination with an automotive high-performance-LED, which is also used in their flagship M99 models, they were able to increase the brightness over 15 %! The front light has an integrated overload protection and a soft start feature so as to be compatible with most 5 V, 6 V and 12 V E-Bike light ports. This function also protects the LED when turning on the light to ensure the front light has a long life span. Together with the Low Direct Mount, the MINI 2 is ideally suited for a clean cockpit installation.

Image Coming Soon

Supernova Logo

Busch & Müller Toplight 2C LED

  • Z-Large area reflector

  • Dimension: 105 x 31 mm

  • 2 high-power LEDs

  • LineTec strip light

Minimalistic design, brilliant function.

In the dark, two clear and C-shaped arcs to the left and right appear as bright light brackets, powered by two high power LEDs.

Magura hydraulic disc brakes

Magura Hydraulic Brakes

Magura Logo

MT4 disc brake front and rear.

  • Compact light design

  • Torsion-resistant

  • Uses standard brake pads

MT4 – The powerful all-rounder for street and trail

The MT4 is simply an all-round brake par excellence, offering outstanding stability and modulation, both on the road and on the trail.

Thanks to its Carbotecture® brake master, the MT4 has a low total weight of less than 230 grams.

Enviolo 380 Gearbox

Enviolo 380

Enviolo Logo

Instead of lots of complex cogs and components, The Packster vario features the Enviolo 380 R&M Custom that uses rotating and incline-adjustable balls that are positioned between two discs. This makes it easy to shift while stationary. With the Enviolo 380 R&M Custom gear hub, you always ride with the perfect gear ratio without any gaps between shifts, because through an infinite number of gears within a gear ratio range of 380 %, shifting is a very smooth process. Its simple operation with the rotating handle on the handlebars means that the perfect gear can be selected intuitively. Thanks to the lack of gear jumps, the riding comfort is markedly increased compared to conventional gear changes.

The Bosch eBike Flow app

Bosch Battery

Turn your eBike ride into a personalised experience!

  1. Enhancing the eBike

    Use the eBike Flow app to download new features and updates for components such as the battery or motor and send them to your eBike via Bluetooth. That way it's always up to date and you get to enjoy more options.

  2. Recording activities

    Track your ride and fitness data as soon as you get started. If desired, the Activity Tracking for iPhone users can also sync all data automatically with Apple Health. When you take a break, the recording stops automatically..

  3. Customising riding modes

    Adjust the riding mode exactly to your needs: You can finely adjust the Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo riding modes so that they offer you more support or consume less power.

  4. Everything at a glance

    Use the Home screen to gain a quick overview of everything that's important. Whether battery status, remaining range, distance travelled or the next service appointment, the Home screen clearly shows you everything you need to know with constantly updated eBike data.

Bosch PowerTube 750

Powertube 750

Bosch Battery

The biggest capacity PowerTube for extended and challenging rides!

  1. Maximum range

    The PowerTube 750 makes it easy to conquer long distances and significant variations in altitude. The durable power source enables approx. 20% greater range than the PowerTube 625 and is ideal for extended and challenging rides.

  2. Elegant eBike design

    Like all Bosch PowerTubes, the PowerTube 750 is perfectly integrated into the frame of the eBike. An appealing eBike design and high capacity make for an uncompromising combination.

  3. Reliable power source

    High safety standards Enormous mileage, long service life, reliable handling — the lithium-ion battery is equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) that protects the battery cells from overload.

  4. User-friendly operation

    The PowerTube 750 is characterised by particularly easy handling. The rechargeable battery is always securely fastened within the frame. It can be removed via an intuitive, lockable mechanism and offers user-friendly handling.

Bosch Kiox 300 display (smart system)

Purion Display

Bosch Battery

Connected eBike World

The Bosch Kiox 300 display is available for the new Bosch smart system and features the same functions as the Bosch Kiox display. The Bosch Kiox 300 display is perfect for sporty riders: it provides fitness data, at the same time optimising your training with graphic comparison views of your individual statistics, including pedalling rate or output. It is even possible to pair it with heart rate monitors by Bluetooth. The colour display automatically regulates the background lighting to ensure that you have all the statistics to hand during the day and at night. Map-free navigation (only in conjunction with a smartphone) completes the features of the Kiox 300. And, thanks to its well-thought-out user interface, the Kiox 300 can be simply and intuitively operated using the LED remote control.

Introducing the Smart System

< >

How to walk Assist

< >

The Bosch Performance Line CX motor Smart System (Gen4)

Performance Line CX motor

Bosch Logo

A new era for eMountain bikers

The Performance Line CX offers a unique eMTB experience: Compact, lightweight and with more power, it combines high-quality materials, an extremely powerful drive and high-end sensors. This brings eMountain biking on the trail to a whole new level. From model year 2021 with a torque of up to 85 Nm, features in the motor control and a further development of eMTB mode - all as a software update. For a thrilling riding experience: more natural, intuitive and powerful and an absolute benchmark in its class.

Award Winning!

eMTB User Award 2021 - Gold

Around 7,000 eMTB-News.de readers have cast their votes in recent weeks. The Gold eMTB News User Award 2021 goes to the Performance Line CX from Bosch eBike Systems in the eBike motor category.


The Performance Line CX wins the "Best Motor" category in EBIKE Magazine's comparative test and is honoured with the EBIKE AWARD.

reddot Award

Thanks to its sporty look and dynamic linear design, the Performance Line CX has received a 2019 Red Dot Design Award

Flexible load transport


The transport bike for adventures and everyday life.

The Multicharger transports up to 65 kg on its rear with astonishing ease. Meanwhile, the standard front luggage carrier offers additional space. Thanks to optional equipment options, it is perfectly equipped for your adventures: whether large cargo bags to protect against dirt and rain or a small front bag for valuable luggage, you’ll find the perfect solution for any transport task. The Multicharger is no longer than a normal E-Bike and impresses with its agile riding behaviour. With its optional DualBattery 1125 and the powerful Bosch motor with 85 Nm, you can reach your destination without problems even fully loaded.

Transporting people

Double Child Seat

Whether young or old - everyone can come along.

The Multicharger is ideal for transporting people. A passenger weighing up to 65 kg can grab a spot with the optional passenger kit with its comfortable foam seat, handles, footrests and wheel guard. Even one or two little ones can come along for the ride – safe and secure thanks to the optional safety bar kit. The Multicharger offers the perfect solution for everyone: just select the right accessories and make it your own personal Multicharger.

Integrated cockpit

Image Coming Soon

Focus on the essentials.

We have reinvented the E-Bike's cockpit: regardless of whether you opt for the optional cockpit with Nyon display or Bosch SmartphoneHub, both options are perfectly integrated in the handlebar and have clean cable routing. The angle-adjustable stem of the cockpit can be adapted for a comfortable or sportier sitting position. But the standard equipment with Purion or Intuvia display also presents a tidy appearance.

Safety equipment

Image Coming Soon

On to new adventures - safely equipped.

The powerful headlamp with daytime running light increases your visibility in road traffic and your sight in the dark: even off-road, you have gravel, branches or other obstacles fully in sight thanks to the optimum surrounding illumination. Passengers and luggage are always ideally protected thanks to numerous accessory details, such as spoke protectors, safety bars and cargo bags. And if something does indeed happen to obstruct your way while on your adventure, the Magura disc brakes pack a punch. This makes any adventure into an unforgettable experience.

Cargo Bags

Image Coming Soon


Two cargo bags, each with a volume of 33 litres, make optimum use of the cargo area. They are attached, safe and secure, to the carrier, but can be easily removed without the use of tools. Full of practical details, everything finds its intended place.

GX option

Image Coming Soon

Schwalbe Logo


If you like riding your E-Bike off-road, then simply equip it with first-class All-Terrain tires. The SnakeSkin side wall of the Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus tires guarantees exceptional grip especially when cornering. A 3 mm protective cover around the inner tube provides extra-secure puncture resistance.

Additional chain lock with bag

Image Coming Soon

Abus Logo


The sturdy Abus chain lock, in addition to the Abus Shield frame lock, provides twice the security for your E-Bike. The 130 cm long chain is latched onto the frame lock and the bike can be quickly attached to the nearest lamppost. The chain thickness of 6 mm ensures a high level of anti-theft protection. Especially practical: frame lock, chain lock and battery lock all use the same key. The bag is firmly attached to the saddle and allows quick and easy removal of the chain lock thanks to its ergonomic shape and Fidlock magnetic closure.

Cargo front carrier

Cargo front carrier


The cargo front carrier offers you a larger loading area without compromising comfort. Your goods are well protected from knocks and bumps in the cargo front luggage carrier, since it is fixed to the frame and therefore benefits from the bike's full suspension. Bungee cords secure a sleeping bag, small sports bag or provisions, for example.

Front carrier with bag

Front carrier with bag


Keep on the move and still have everything with you. You can secure up to 5 kg of luggage on the front luggage carrier, which is fixed to the frame and hence benefits from the bike's full suspension, perfectly protecting your cargo from knocks and bumps. The bag offers space for a volume of up to 18 litres. Thanks to the zipper and roll closure, your transported goods are perfectly protected from dirt and rain. The bag can be removed quickly and easily and becomes a shoulder bag using the strap supplied. You can safely store smaller items in the two outer pockets equipped with waterproof zippers.

Passenger kit

Passenger kit


A foam seat, grab handles and footrests make the Multicharger a comfortable E-Taxi for one passenger aged 6 or older and weighing up to 65 kg. The wheel guard prevents undesired contact between spokes and cargo or fastening straps. A bipod stand provides a safe stand.

Safety bar kit

Safety bar kit


Two children up to primary school age can comfortably sit one behind the other, well-secured thanks to a sturdy outside bar. A second bar is for holding on to, so that the children's hands and arms remain inside. A child seat for a small child can be fitted in it. The second child then sits behind on the back seat. The wheel guard prevents undesired contact between spokes and cargo or fastening straps. The sideloader can be used as footrest, to fix luggage or to transport kids bikes. A bipod stand provides a safe stand.

Cargo Bags

Cargo Bags


Two cargo bags, each with a volume of 33 litres, make optimum use of the cargo area. They are attached, safe and secure, to the carrier, but can be easily removed without the use of tools. Full of practical details, everything finds its intended place.

Frame colour
  • utility grey/black matt*
  • utility grey/curry matt*
Suspension fork
  • Suntour XCR32 27,5", Air, tapered, black
  • Acros IntegrationX, block lock
  • Cane Creek New Thudbuster ST
  • TranzX, 40,0 mm, QR
  • Schwalbe Super Moto-X 62-559 Reflex (as standard)
  • Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus 57-559 Reflex (with GX option)
  • Schwalbe AV13
  • Mach1 Trucky30 26" CNC
Front hub
  • Novatec Disc 32H
Rear hub
  • Enviolo 380, 36H
  • Akku Bosch Powertube750 Vertical
  • Akku Bosch Powertube 750 Vertical*
  • Performance Line CX, Smart System (Gen4)
  • Bosch Kiox 300
  • FSA/Riese & Müller, 170 mm
Chain ring
  • 50T, for Gates drive belt CDX
  • Gates drive belt CDX
  • 22T, for Gates drive belt CDX
  • Selle Royal New Lookin Evo R&M
  • VP R&M Custom
  • Enviolo grip shift Twist Display Pure, continuous
  • Satori R&M Custom, 25,4mm, Alu*
  • Satori R&M Custom, cable integration, adjustable angle, Alu
  • Ergon ergonomi
  • Hermans Grips ( 2x )*
  • Magura MT4, disc brake
  • Magura MT5, disc brake
Front light
  • Supernova mini 2
Tail light
  • Busch & Müller Toplight 2C LED*
  • SKS A69R
Luggage rack
  • Riese & Müller*
  • Billy
  • Ursus Power 94 Kickstand
  • Ursus 80 Jumbo II Double leg kickstand*
  • ABUS Shield X+
RX Hardware
  • RX Chip (für RX Services)*
Frame height [cm]
  • 47 cm*
  • 51 cm*
Bike Weight
  • 24.8 kg (Without Lock)
Technical Aprovals
  • Gross vehicle weight capacity: 175 kg
  • Rear Carrier: 65kg
Technical Aprovals
  • Handlebar Bag, Basket 5kg / 11 lb
  • Child Seat Approved: Yes (Max 15 kg)

The specification table indicates all available components for this model, not just the basic equipment. Some of the options listed are only available for a surcharge. For more information, see the Configurator. Riese & Muller reserves the right to make technical modifications as well as changes to the shape, colour and/or weight within reasonable limits.
* May differ depending on the design or configuration of the model

Car Make / Model Compatibility

Please select the car manufacturer from the list below:

the Multicharger is a cargo-optimised E-Bike in an off-road style and, as a GX model, with all-terrain off-road equipment. Its carefully designed cargo equipment options make it the ideal touring, family or transport E-Bike. And yet it is just as long as the Charger. This not only saves space, but also makes the Multicharger safe and agile to handle

Riese & Müller bikes are synonymous with good and carefully thought-out design. They combine aesthetics and function in a manner that inspires with an evident passion for innovative bikes with their trademark Riese & Müller perfectionist approach, which dominates their work. The products that result are E-Bikes bikes of the highest quality, perfected down to the finest detail, featuring state-of-the-art technology and pioneering design manufactured in their facilities in Germany.

Every model represents a complete solution for a specific purpose. It is only through this that a Riese & Müller e-bike delivers the best riding characteristics for the greatest riding pleasure.

Modern urban society is still evolving. In terms of urban mobility, E-Bikes are becoming increasingly important and have long since shaken off the idea that they were only for pensioners.

Riese & Müller is setting new areas of focus and investing even more in innovative E-Bikes and E-Bike technologies, such as E-Cargo Bikes and compact E-Bikes.

Made to order item.

All Riese & Müller eBikes and eCargo bikes are made to order. Please contact us direct if you wish to obtain an accurate lead time for delivery.

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