Ride Away Today. Tinker Vario

Ride Away Today. Tinker Vario Crystal White
1 - Ride Away Today. TinkerVario
2 - Ride Away Today. TinkerVario
3 - Ride Away Today. TinkerVario
4 - Ride Away Today. TinkerVario
5 - Ride Away Today. TinkerVario

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Intuvia Display The Bosch Intuvia Display (As Standard)


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Additional chain lock with Case Easy to use addition chain to secure your bike.


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Cane Creek Thudbuster ST The Thudbuster ST suspension seatpost


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Armour Tire Inserts Add Puncture and Rim Protection to both tyres
Price includes installation by e-Bike Barn.
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GPS Tracker for E-Bikes BikeTrax: Anti-Theft Protection for E-Bikes.
Price includes installation by e-Bike Barn.

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The Tinker Vario


SAVE £400 on a Riese & Muller Tinker.

This is one of our ex-display / demo bikes. It’s covered just 9 test miles.

Comes with full manufacturers warranty and in excellent condition. Backed up by Ebike Barn.

The Tinker is tailored to meet the demands of city life – equipped with a Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension seatpost and a Bosch Intuvia Cockpit Display, it can withstand traffic jams, overcrowded transport and heavy loads. Easily taken on public transport, it can be quickly carried up stairs or stowed away in a car, making it a reliable companion in any situation.

As with all our "Ride Away" bikes this eBike is available to be veiwed, test-ridden and purchased on the same day.


Tinker Vario in Crystal White
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Stable riding behaviour

Stable riding behaviour

Rides like a big bike

Don't want to miss out on a smooth and comfortable ride? We don't either. That's why the Tinker is equipped with 20-inch wheels that provide exceptional riding characteristics. You'll quickly forget that you're riding an electric bike! Plus, it features a continuous Enviolo hub gear with a low-maintenance belt drive, so you always have the right gear ratio. If you want to take your comfort to the next level, opt for the suspension seatpost option.

Compact frame

Compact frame

Find a spot anywhere

The Tinker is a great commuter bike, due to its compact frame that saves space. It is easy to take on public transport, and fits easily into bike stores, even when they are crowded. If you need to transport it by car, you can fold the stem and retract the seatpost, making it small enough to fit into most vehicles.

Adjustable stem

Adjustable stem

Fits everyone. Without compromises.

The Tinker E-Bike is a great choice for families and friends alike, as it is able to comfortably accommodate riders from 1.50 m to 1.95 m thanks to its adjustable stem and seatpost. No need to sacrifice comfort, either, as the Tinker was designed with all-day rides in mind. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to share the Tinker with friends and family, knowing that everyone will be able to ride comfortably.

Gates Carbon belt drive

Gates Carbon belt drive

Tradition Meets Modern.

Clean, quiet-running, powerful, maintenance-free.

The Gates Carbon Drive System is a revolutionary method of powering bicycles and has numerous benefits. Requiring no lubrication, it features a belt composed of carbon fibres that are incredibly robust and will never rust. This means that whether you're crossing town or plunging through the wilderness, you can rely on the Gates Carbon Drive to take you wherever you need to go - regardless of whatever weather conditions there may be. Furthermore, this advanced bike drive system promises outstanding longevity as compared with conventional chains.

Enviolo 380 Gearbox

Enviolo 380 Gearbox

Enviolo Logo

Effortless shifting with the Enviolo Vario!

The Tinker Vario utilizes the Enviolo 380 R&M Custom, which has rotating and tiltable balls placed between two discs, instead of lots of intricate parts. This makes it much easier to shift gears while staying stationary. This gear hub allows you to always have the right gear ratio without any lags between shifts since there are infinite gear ratios available, spanning 380%. The simple design of the rotating handlebar handle makes it easy to choose the right gear intuitively. Also, since there are no jumps between gears, the riding experience is significantly more comfortable than what you get with conventional gear shifts.

Bosch Intuvia Display

Purion Display

Intuitive control centre.

With its range of features, the Intuvia Display ensures you have complete mastery over your bike at all times. All vital information - including battery status, ride time, power output and more - is indefinitely legible in even bright sunlight. On select E-Bike models, a remote control integrated into each handlebar grip gives access to an automatic version of our display that additionally provides pedal frequency control.

  • Simple Operation via wired handlebar remote control.
  • Optimum readability in any light level.
  • Integral battery (Charged from bike battery).
  • Access to all important ride and bike data.
  • Bike Service Reminder
  • Control Lights

Bosch Performance Line motor (Gen3)

Image Coming Soon

For unlimited freedom.

Offering an impressive max torque of 65 Nm and up to 300% pedal assistance, the Bosch Performance Line drive is a real powerhouse. It's excellent starting characteristics alongside reliable power propulsion at speeds of up to 25 km/h make it the go-to option for tackling all kinds of terrain. Customers also enjoy its super silent running plus minimal resistance when switched off. Featuring compact design, minimal dimensions and lightweight construction, this motor is easy on the eye too.

  • 65 Nm Maximum Torque.
  • 300% Maximum Support.
  • Dynamic acceleration.

Cane Creek Thudbuster ST

Double Child Seat


Smooth Ride, Any Terrain.

"For more than two decades, Thudbuster has been the go-to seatpost for cyclists everywhere, offering unparalleled comfort and dependability. It has become the industry standard for suspension seatposts."

Navigating cobblestones can be tricky, but the Cane Creek Thudbuster ST parallelogram-shaped spring seatpost offers a comfortable ride that makes even the toughest routes feel smooth. Depending on your weight and preferred level of comfort, you can choose from three different elastomers of varying hardness.

Additional chain lock with bag

Purion Display

To help keep your E-Bike safe, Abus has designed a range of security products. Their chain lock, which is 130 cm long and composed of 6mm steel links, adds extra protection when combined with their Shield frame lock. Both components are conveniently operated by one key, while an ergonomically shaped bag that snaps onto your saddle allows you to quickly and easily store away your chain once it's been attached to a lamppost. Thanks to its Fidlock magnetic closure system, removal of your security measures is easy too!

Frame colour
  • Crystal White
Suspension fork
  • Spinner Grind OS 20" schwarz
  • Acros IntegrationX AZX-221, block lock
  • Thudbuster Suspension seatpost
  • Kalloy SC-201, 40,0 mm
  • 20" Big Ben plus 55-406
  • 20" Schwalbe AV7 40/62-406
  • Rim 20" Mach 1 650 36H
Front hub
  • Shimano Deore, 32H
Rear hub
  • Enviolo 380, 36H
  • Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance, 36 V, 13,4 Ah/500Wh
  • Performance Line (Gen3)
  • Bosch Intuvia
Chain ring
  • Gates CDX 55T
Chain guard
  • Hebie Chainbar, black
  • Gates drive belt CDX
  • 22T, for Gates drive belt CDX*
  • Selle Royal New Lookin Male
  • VP-538 black
  • Shimano Nexus grip shift, 8-speed
  • Satori Horizon Bow 620mm 9ø
  • Satori Stargazer-e, 110 mm, 35°
  • Hermanns Line
  • Tektro Auriga Comp
Front light
  • busch+muller IQ-XS black
Tail light
  • B&M Toplight 2C
  • Curana CD 65
Luggage rack
  • Riese & Muller, MIK
  • Bibia
  • Billy
  • Hebie Fix18 663 X1
  • Abus X+ Shield
Frame height [cm]
  • Universal

* The specification table indicates all available components for this model, not just the basic equipment. Some of the options listed are only available for a surcharge but may not be available for this model as they can differ due to the design or configuration of the model.
For more information, please contact us direct on +441491 628711. Ebike Barn and Riese & Muller reserve the right to make technical modifications as well as changes within reasonable limits on the model shown.

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A Versatile City Companion

Designed for city life, the Riese & Muller Tinker2 e-Bike is the perfect solution for navigating the daily commute. Whether you face crowded streets, busy public transportation or have to carry heavy bags, this bike's compact frame can handle it all. With a powerful Bosch Performance Line motor, 545 Wh battery, and belt drive, you can effortlessly explore new destinations while commuting in comfort. The e-bike is also portable, making it easy to take along on public transport, carry up stairs, or store in your car.

The Ultimate in Carefully Crafted Design

Discover the Luxury E-Bike Experience with Riese & Müller

At Riese & Müller, design and function come together to create exceptional e-Bikes that embody the brand's passion for innovation. These bikes are crafted in Germany with state-of-the-art technology, pioneering design and a focus on detail, making them the perfect choice for anyone seeking the ultimate e-Bike experience.

The Best e-Bikes for Urban Commuting and Innovation

Whether you're looking for an urban commute solution or a bike that embodies a passion for innovation, Riese & Müller e-Bikes have you covered. Each model offers a complete solution for specific needs, delivering the best-in-class riding experience with its unique characteristics.

Leading the Way in Modern Urban Mobility

As modern urban mobility continues to evolve, Riese & Müller remains at the forefront, investing in innovative e-Bike technologies such as e-Cargo Bikes and compact e-Bikes.

Specialists in Riese & Müller e-Bikes

As specialists in Riese & Müller e-Bikes in the UK, we offer the largest stock of these exceptional bikes. Find your perfect Riese & Müller e-Bike today and enjoy the ultimate in carefully crafted design.

Riese & Muller Models

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