Bosch ABS 2.0

Have you ever experienced a scary moment when your bike's wheels locked up during braking and you lost control of your ride?

If so, you might be interested in the Bosch ABS 2.0, a new antilock braking system for e-bikes that promises to make your braking safer and smoother.

What is ABS and how does it work?

ABS stands for antilock braking system, and it is a technology that prevents the wheels from locking and skidding when you brake hard or on slippery surfaces. Locking wheels reduce the grip between the tires and the road, and make the bike unsteerable and unstable. ABS works by sensing the wheel speed and adjusting the brake pressure accordingly, up to 40 times a second. This way, the wheels keep rotating and the bike remains maneuverable and stable

Bosch ABS 2.0

What is the Bosch ABS 2.0?

The Bosch ABS 2.0 is the latest version of the antilock braking system for e-bikes from Bosch, a leading manufacturer of e-bike components. The Bosch ABS 2.0 is an improved and simplified version of the previous Bosch ABS, which was launched in 2018. The Bosch ABS 2.0 consists of a sensor unit, a hydraulic unit, and a control unit. The sensor unit measures the wheel speed and sends the data to the control unit, which calculates the optimal brake pressure and sends the commands to the hydraulic unit, which regulates the brake pressure in the front and rear brakesr.

What are the benefits of the Bosch ABS 2.0?

The Bosch ABS 2.0 offers several benefits for e-bike riders:

  • Improved safety: The Bosch ABS 2.0 reduces the risk of wheel lock-up, skidding, and falling, especially on slippery or loose surfaces, downhill slopes, or in emergency situations. It also prevents the front wheel from lifting off the ground during hard braking, which can cause the rider to lose balance and fall over the handlebars.
  • Improved comfort: The Bosch ABS 2.0 provides a smooth and consistent braking feel, without any pulsation or vibration in the brake lever. It also allows the rider to brake with less force and effort, which reduces fatigue and increases comfort.
    Improved design: The Bosch ABS 2.0 is more compact and lighter than the previous Bosch ABS, weighing only 800 grams and fitting into a standard frame. It is also compatible with most e-bike models and brake systems, and it can be easily integrated into the Bosch e-bike system, which includes the motor, battery, display, and controller.
Bosch Kiox 300

How can I get the Bosch ABS 2.0?

The Bosch ABS 2.0 is currently available for selected e-bike models from Riese & Muller and other partner brands. You can check the availability and compatibility of the Bosch ABS 2.0 for your e-bike model on the Bosch e-bike website or contact your local dealer for more information.


The Bosch ABS 2.0 is a new and improved antilock braking system for e-bikes that can enhance your safety, comfort, and design of your ride. If you are looking for a way to make your braking more reliable and smooth, you might want to consider the Bosch ABS 2.0 as an option for your e-bike. Happy riding!


Bosch ABS 2.0
Bosch ABS 2.0
Bosch ABS 2.0
Bosch ABS 2.0

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